Project 25 Technology Information Group

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Project 25 Technology Information Group

The Project 25 technology Interest Group (PTIG) presenbted two panels as part of IWCEs College of Technology in March.  These presentations are now available for review and download.

P25 Foundations IWCE 2016 Part 1

P25 Foundations IWCE 2016 Part 2

P25 User Experience IWCE 2016


The Abstracts for each panel are listed below 

P25 Foundations

Many P25 stakeholders and users today face daunting challenges for clarity of choices and challenging issues of emerging technologies. The material will emphasize the P25 radio and system capabilities deliverable today, resources available for testing, technical guidance, migration planning, and system integration. Gain insight on the next phases of the P25 Standards development, and what those next steps may yield for harmonizing future capabilities with P25 in your LMR systems.

Completed P25 Standards, recently published updates, and future P25 work priorities will be covered. Content includes: Phase 1 FDMA systems, expanding deployment of Phase 2 TDMA systems, and Wireline interfaces including the ISSI, CSSI, and FSI. These interfaces continue to reinforce multiple vendor compatibility in system to system links, console and fixed station product choices as well as in subscriber/mobile/portable equipment.

A specific section on Project 25 CAP testing will be presented including test procedures and specs and their use by DHS.

Ongoing work on new standards for Project 25 System security and encryption will be presented as well as possibilities for the interface for P25 LMR and LTE data systems.

P25 User Experience

This panel and workshop session will derive content from Project 25 user experiences and system case histories. It is structured as a series of presentations from a diverse user group including Federal, State and Local government Systems. Each panel member will conduct a short prepared PPT briefing describing their P25 system, it's scope, capabilities, agencies served, development, interoperability achieved, issues resolved, and lessons learned.

P25 in Planning and Procurement. Including P25 product testing

-- P25 Experiences during Implementation and Deployments.

-- Interoperability with neighbors and overlapping jurisdictions.

-- Experiences with Multiple Vendors Systems, Equipment, Interfaces.

-- Lessons learned and best practices established for P25 system design, user training, and governance structure

Other Technology Resources beyond Manufacturers and Equipment Suppliers: Consultants, Integrators, Third Parties.

There will be open Q&A time allocated for panel members on each separate segment.





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