Project 25 Technology Information Group

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Project 25 Technology Information Group

Project 25 Technology Interest Group Publishes New P25 System Lists


New Updated P25 Systems Lists for March 2017 are now available on the website.  There are updated lists for both P25 Trunking Systems and P25 Conventional Systems.  

Thanks to Ken Brown for his work as the primary author for these documents.

Since the lists were last published in June of 2016:

  • The P25 Trunking Systems list has 84 new systems added.
  • The P25 Conventional List has 35 new systems added.

 Both lists are organized by State or territory.  Systems are included for  the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.  The data for each system includes Location, System Name, System type, P25 Phase 1 or P25 Phase 2, and the frequency band or bands used in the system.


The files can be accessed on the   Website Homepage by clicking the Blue quick link boxes for:

  • List of P25 Trunking Systems
  • List of P25 Conventional Systems







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