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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Project 25 Technology Information Group

P25 System of the Month

Central Indiana Counties

City of Indianapolis, Marion County, Hamilton County, Madison County

Central Indiana Counties Partner to leverage

cost savings and form a regional interoperable

communications network


The Full Whitepaper including system demographics for the 3 Central Indiana P25 Systems can be down loaded using the link below:

P25 System of the Month: Central Indiana Counties

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The three-county system has realized many great benefits from sharing common infrastructure utilizing the P25 architecture.  Previously all three counties were required to maintain radios in their respective Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) and create patches to the respective jurisdictions.  Patching proved problematic and unreliable at best.  A great many of the field units did not have direct communications with the neighboring jurisdictions, especially during large or critical events.  This created a First Responder safety issue, which the counties realized needed to be addressed as soon as practical.

Since the counties have upgraded to P25, the three counties now share talkgroups including public works talkgroups to allow for greater efficiency.  The counties have created several mutual aid (MA) talkgroups that can roam across all systems in the event of a disaster or large-scale event like the Super Bowl.

An additional benefit of the three counties upgrading to P25 is the ability to have interoperable communications with the State of Indiana’s P25 system.  This system is utilized by hundreds of agencies throughout Indiana as well as Federal Public Safety partners.  No longer do officers need to have multiple radios available to communicate to these important partners.





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