Project 25 Technology Information Group

Monday, June 24, 2019

Project 25 Technology Information Group

PTIG Publishes Three New Project 25 Panel Presentations for 2018:

P25 Foundations, P25 User Experience, and a P25 Security Update.

The Project 25 Technology Interest Group is now offering a comprehensive P25 Update through the Power Point presentations presented at the recent IWCE conference in Orlando. The Three Power Point presentations cover:

  • P25 Foundations: The latest update to the P25 Standards, and their applications
  • P25 User Experience: A series of new P25 case studies from a diverse group of P25 System administrators and directors.
  • P25 Security Update: The latest on P25 Security including an overview to the new P25 Link Layer Encryption Standard, P25 Authentication and P25 Key Management improvements.

Copies of the presentations can be downloaded from the PTIG Website:

Under the “Documents” Tab on the Home page:

  • PTIG P25 Conference Presentations
  • PTIG P25 System Case Studies

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Summaries of the Presentations are below:

P25 Foundations

This PPT delivers information useful to those seeking a deeper understanding and updated awareness of the established P25 standards, the matching equipment capabilities, and the continued evolution of system technologies and interfaces. Completed P25 Standards, recently published updates, and future P25 work priorities are covered. Content includes: A Basic P25 Overview of the P25 Interfaces including: Trunking and Conventional systems Phase 1 and Phase 2 systems, and Wireline interfaces including the systems (ISSI), console (CSSI)and fixed station (FSI). In addition the latest CAP testing Update is included. New topics for 2018 include: Improved Encryption Key Management standards, TDMA Trunking Control Channel, P25 Link Layer Encryption, ISSI and CSSI interoperability, and The P25 Value Proposition. The PPT also includes topics on the use of P25 for Emergency Communications, how to use P25 to develop an RFP, and an update on the P25 Product and Services available in the market.

P25 Foundations Panelists:


  • Stephen Nichols, Director, Project 25 Technology Interest Group
  • Andy Davis, Senior Resource Manager, Motorola Solutions
  • Dominick Arcuri, Televate
  • Jeremy Elder, Systems Product Line Manager, Harris Corporation
  • Jim Holthaus, Vice President - Chief Technology Officer, BK Technologies
  • Mitch Urbanczyk, Sales Engineer, EF Johnson
  • Sridhar Kowdley, Program Manager, DHS Office for Interoperability and Compatibility
  • Cheryl Giggetts, CTA Consulting
  • Chris Lougee, Principal, 5x9 Communications
  • Nick Pennance, ICOM



P25 User Experience:

This PPT offers Project 25 user experiences and P25 system case studies. It is structured as a series of presentations from a diverse user group including Federal, State and Local government systems. Each panel member describes their P25 system, its scope, capabilities, agencies served, development history, interoperability achieved, issues resolved, and lessons learned. Information on Governance structure, and revenue sources are also included. System upgrade plans for some of the P25 systems are described.

P25 User Experience Panelists:


  • Del Smith, Alaska ALMR (Moderator)
  • Cindy Cast, Miami Dade County FL
  • Brad Stoddard, State of Michigan
  • John Richards, State of Maine
  • Scott Wright, State of Connecticut
  • Keith LaPlant, United States Coast Guard
  • Jim Downes, DHS OEC
  • Chief Lorin Mock, Clay County FL
  • James Miller, Hamilton County IN
  • Stephen Nichols, Project 25 Technology Interest Group



P25 Security: New Standards, Applications, Interoperability

This PPT includes: P25 Security Standards updates, enhanced sharing between Key management facilities and devices; and an overview of the new P25 Link Layer Encryption standard. P25 Authentication and AES encryption applications are also detailed. Encryption planning and Best Practices information are included along with links to three FPIC/SAFECOM documents on encryption planning and implementation.

P25 Security Panelists:


  • Jim Holthaus, CTO, BK Technologies
  • Jeremy Elder, Systems Product Line Manager, Harris Corporation
  • Alan Massie, FBI
  • Jim Downes, FPIC







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