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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Project 25 Technology Information Group

New PTIG Whitepaper: What is P25 Compliance?

This paper is intended to explain different levels of compliance statements that may be used by customers or consultants when specifying an equipment purchase or used by manufacturers promoting equipment capabilities.

In general, “Project 25 (P25) compliance” is typically interpreted as: “adherence to the P25 standard”.

The P25 Standard is composed of over 80 documents that cover multiple interfaces, multiple services and multiple features associated with each interface or service. Therefore, questions or statements about compliance to the “P25 standard” are really too vague to provide the understanding typically desired by those asking the questions or making the statements. Questions or statements about any level of compliance are more effectively expressed in the context of a specific interface, a specific service or a specific feature that is covered by a published P25 standard document or in the context of a specific standard document. For example, the statement: “My equipment is P25 compliant” is difficult to correctly interpret because it does not identify any P25 standard interface or service or document or set of features. A better statement would be along the lines of: “My radio is compliant to the P25 FDMA Air Interface, Trunking service, Group Voice Call feature.”

Four levels of assessing compliance are commonly used and are discussed in the Whitepaper. The P25 user and manufacturer community should use the four levels of compliance when referring to the requirements or capabilities of P25 products, features and services.


A copy of the Whitepaper can be downloaded using the link below:


PTIG Whitepaper: What is P25 Compliance?





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