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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Project 25 Technology Information Group

P25 Sharing = Cost Savings for Stonington CT.

Stonington CT. Police are the Latest P25 Sharing=Cost Savings Success story. Full details were recently published in an article in “The Day” newspaper by Lindsay Boyle.

A link to this article is below.


In their agreement with the State Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, Stonington spent $1.3 million to build a communications tower and purchase P25 radios. It is estimated that their Cost savings over having to build a stand-alone system was $3.1 million.

In addition to the cost savings, several improvements to the agency’s communications were realized. They now have coverage in a historic local dead spot with their new tower and they have interoperability with the Connecticut State Police and other municipal P25 systems for mutual aid using towers across the State. The interoperability for any state agency, as well as their neighbors improved tremendously.  Example: they – for the first time ever – shared a talkgroup and were able to communicate directly with their neighboring community.


Groton CT recently joined the Connecticut statewide system and Norwich is planning to join soon giving improved communications through P25 interoperability in the region. Many other municipalities — including ones in Rhode Island and New York are considering signing on.   The State of Connecticut is working on interoperability with communities in RI and a P25 System to System ISSI connection with the Metropolitan Transit Authority in NY (MTA has subscriber units already using the system)





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