Project 25 Technology Information Group

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Project 25 Technology Information Group

Project 25 Technology Interest Group (PTIG) Welcomes Sonia Kendall to the Board of Directors.

The Project 25 Technology Interest Group (PTIG) is pleased to welcome Sonia Kendall, US Coast Guard, to the PTIG Board of Directors. “Sonia’s experience with P25 Interoperable Communications and her longstanding participation in the TIA TR-8 P25 Standards process makes her an ideal addition to our Board. Many of our P25 User agencies require reliable interoperable communications with the US Coast Guard and Sonia can help establish and maintain these relationships” said Stephen Nichols, PTIG Director. “She can well represent the specific user needs from the US Coast Guard perspective”.

Ms. Kendall is currently assigned to the office of Office of Enterprise Architecture and Technology Innovation (CG-67) as the Coast Guards communications interoperability coordinator for Public Safety communications. In this position she coordinates interoperability efforts of the Department of Homeland Security, Federal, State, and local port partners. Additionally, she represents the Coast Guard in national telecom standards, regulatory and advisory organizations and she liaisons with Coast Guard program managers affected by these standards and regulations. She also oversees long range communications and Coast Guard record messaging from a programmatic and policy perspective.

Ms. Kendall holds an MBA Degree from Columbia Southern University, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Systems Management from the University of Maryland University College, and a General Associate’s Degree from Phoenix University.

Prior to this assignment, Ms. Kendall was active duty Coast Guard and served as the Satellite Communications Asset Manager. Her 25-year Navy/Coast Guard active duty career (Enlisted – Warrant- LT) was solely focused in Control, Communications, Computers and Information Technology related work.





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