Project 25 Technology Information Group

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Project 25 Technology Information Group

The Project 25 Technology Interest has published two PPT presentations from PTIG's panels at IWCE 2017.  

Links to the documents are below:


P25 Foundations Presentation IWCE 2017

P25 User Experience Presentation IWCE 2017


A summary of the panel information and speaker list with topics is below.

P25 Foundations Panel

Steve Nichols PTIG: 

P25 Resources


Dom Arcuri, DVA

P25 Basics, Interfaces and Terminology


Jim Holthaus, RELM

Conventional System Configurations, Interoperability and best practices      


Karthik Rangarajan, EFJI

Trunking System Configurations, Interoperability, and best practices




Todd Perdieu, HARRIS

ISSI CSSI Roaming Multi system deployment best practices, LMR-LTE interoperability


Andy Davis, MOTOROLA

P25 Roaming and IDduplication, P25 Standards Update, P25 Future work in progress including Benefits to users, P25 Encryption status.  TIA lead-in to CAP


Sridhar Kowdley, DHS  OIC             

 P25 CAP testing update.


Cheryl Giggetts, AECOMM

Using the P25 Standards and Capabilities Guide to develop an RFP


Chris Lougee, 5x9

P25 Market and FAQs


Open Q&A session



P25 User Experience Panel

Del Smith, (Moderator)


Alaska ALMR

Stephen Nichols

P25 Resources available from PTIG

Project 25 Technology Interest Group

Jim Downes,


Chuck Brotherton,

Austin TX GATTRS system

Tom Bretthaur,

Richard Schmahl

Ohio MARCs

Scott Wright,

State of Connecticut



Jim Downes:

Federal Agencies, FPIC

Ernie Blair

Huntsville-Madison County AL 

Kevin Jenkins

Calhoun County AL

Open Q & A Session


The Project 25 Technology Interest Group is pleased to welcome

Leonardo Critical Communications (formerly Selex)

as a returning PTIG corporate member.


In 2017, the land mobile radio unit of Selex ES Inc. was rebranded as Leonardo Critical Communications.  They continue their legacy as a global manufacturer and provider of complete LMR solutions.  Leonardo provides LMR systems to critical agencies such as emergency services, law enforcement, utility, transportation, oil & gas, as well as professional enterprises.  

Leonardo radios have been in their DNA for over 60 years resulting in LMR solutions that are created with simplicity, reliability and flexibility even in the most challenging environments. Their systems are customizable to meet specific user requirements.

Leonardo’s primary LMR systems include: P25, TETRA, DMR

Leonardo has deployed their DMR, TETRA and P25 systems in over 50 countries around the globe, including the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Their Overland Park, Kansas facility is staffed with engineers and technical experts to support the Americas LMR business.  They have full system integration capabilities as well as stocking of finished goods, spare parts and renewal parts.  In addition, their customer support help line is staffed with LMR experts in Kansas.

Business Development Contacts for PTIG Website inquiries

Nate Maloney

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bill Fredrickson

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Mailing Address:

Leonardo Critical Communications

11300 W. 89th Street 

Overland Park, KS 66214

Company website:


Why Utilities Deploy P25


The P25 digital standard, originally designed for public safety, is making inroads with North American utilities.

By David Deacon

April-May 2017 Mission Critical Communications •


Use the link below to access the full article:


Excerpt from the Mission Critical April May Utilities article:

“Many electric utilities are integrating P25-compliant technology into their radio systems. P25, a mature digital radio standard in use for 25 years, has not remained static. As the session initiation protocol (SIP) and real-time transport protocol (RTP) world of IP signaling evolved, P25 followed suit with the introduction of the Inter RF Subsystem Interface (ISSI), a network-tonetwork interface, and the Console Subsystem Interface (CSSI), a standard interface for connecting thirdparty consoles to the radio network. These interfaces offer customer choice and competition among multiple P25 suppliers.

After 25 years of evolution, P25’s array of supplementary services and features is extensive. P25 is flexible and versatile, allowing manufacturers to add features such as man-down emergency call, transmit-and-receive cycling and request-to-talk (RTT) callback, a feature commonly used in the utility industry.  While RTT is not defined within the P25 standard, both the CSSI and Common Air Interface (CAI) are flexible enough to introduce the signaling required to support it in both the consoles and radio terminals.”

David Deacon is founder and CEO of Etherstack. During the past 20 years, Etherstack has developed and licensed LMR technologies in Project 25 (P25), TETRA, Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) and NXDN to manufacturers around the world

Project 25 Technology Interest Group Publishes New P25 System Lists


New Updated P25 Systems Lists for March 2017 are now available on the website.  There are updated lists for both P25 Trunking Systems and P25 Conventional Systems.  

Thanks to Ken Brown for his work as the primary author for these documents.

Since the lists were last published in June of 2016:

  • The P25 Trunking Systems list has 84 new systems added.
  • The P25 Conventional List has 35 new systems added.

 Both lists are organized by State or territory.  Systems are included for  the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.  The data for each system includes Location, System Name, System type, P25 Phase 1 or P25 Phase 2, and the frequency band or bands used in the system.


The files can be accessed on the   Website Homepage by clicking the Blue quick link boxes for:

  • List of P25 Trunking Systems
  • List of P25 Conventional Systems




The Project 25 Technology Interest Group is pleased to welcome Valid8 as our newest PTIG member., Inc. is a global leader in feature, conformance and load testing for Wireless and Wireline Networks. Their cutting-edge technology delivers the tools necessary to validate new and emerging telecom products and software applications. Valid8 offers a broad range of supported protocols and cost-effective stress, feature, negative test and device emulation solutions for industry. Most recently they presented a network testing solution for the Project 25 ISSI/CSSI  interface at the TIA TR-8 Meetings in Orlando.


Valid8 Business Development Contact 


Name: Ian Carpenter

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: +1 781 938 1221

Toll Free phone: 1 855 4 VALID8

Mailing Address:



500 W Cummings Park,

Suite 6550

Woburn, MA 01801

Company website:





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