Project 25 Technology Information Group

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Project 25 Technology Information Group

Technology Benefits

From the beginning, P25 has targeted four primary objectives:

  • Allow effective, efficient, and reliable intra-agency and inter-agency communications
    … so organizations can easily implement interoperable and seamless joint communication in both routine and emergency circumstances.
  • Ensure competition in system life cycle procurements
    … so agencies can choose from multiple vendors and products, ultimately saving money and gaining the freedom to select from the widest range of equipment and features.
  • Provide user-friendly equipment
    … so users can take full advantage of their radios’ lifesaving capabilities on the job – even under adverse conditions – with minimal training.
  • Improve radio spectrum efficiency
    … so networks will have enough capacity to handle calls and allow room for growth, even in areas where the spectrum is crowded and it’s difficult for agencies to obtain licenses for additional radio frequencies.


Look Further and Read More:  There is an expansion upon these objectives more fully describing the Benefits of Project 25 in the accompanying white paper. 


The full Project 25 Benefits Whitepaper, a Summary of the  Top 10 Benefits of P25, A PPT describing Why Users choose P25 for MCPTT, and the P25 Value Porposition can be reviewed or downloaded with the link below:


Whitepaper: Benefits of P25

Top 10 Benefits of P25

Why are so Many Users Choosing P25 for MCPTT?

The P25 Value Proposition







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