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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Project 25 Technology Information Group

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What is Project 25?

Project 25 (P25) is the standard for the design and manufacture of interoperable digital two-way wireless communications products.  Developed in North America with state, local and federal representatives and Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) governance, P25 has gained worldwide acceptance for public safety, security, public service, and commercial applications.

The published P25 standards suite is administered by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA Mobile and Personal Private Radio Standards Committee TR-8).  Radio equipment that demonstrates compliance with P25 is able to meet a set of minimum requirements to fit the needs of public safety.  The P25 standard was created by, and is intended for, public safety professionals.

Look further below and read about the Technology Benefits of P25.


Why P25?

Project 25 enables successful fulfillment of these factors so critical to public safety operations and use of two-way radio communications in the field.

Enables ease of operation for more rapid adoption and training.

Enables planned migration of systems and equipment from old to new.

Enables Interoperability essential to multiple jurisdiction and joint operations.

Enables multiple vendors sourcing for cost effective and competitive procurements with no compromise in system capabilities.

Technology Benefits to P25

Project 25 (P25) benefits the users and system operators in many ways.

  • Ability to Meet In the Air
    • Interoperability Among Agencies
    • Interoperability Among Vendors
  • Spectral Efficiency
  • Compatible with Existing Systems
  • Integrated Voice and Data Services
  • Conventional, Trunking, and Secure







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