Project 25 Technology Information Group

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Project 25 Technology Information Group



Introducing the P25 SoR

The Project 25 Statement of Requirements (P25 SoR) is the basis for the suite of standards published by TIA and adopted as Project 25 standards. Project 25 represents a standards profile created to satisfy the service, feature, and capability requirements for the operations and functions of digital narrowband private land mobile radio systems. The SoR describes those requirements for public safety critical communications.

Objectives of the P25 SoR

The document defines the P25 requirements effective as of the approval date of this version. As technologies evolve and the state of the art advances, new requirements may be defined, and existing requirements may be modified or deleted. Project 25 continues to evolve since its inception. In the same way, the P25 SoR continues to evolve with unaddressed requirements to be included in future versions of the P25 SoR. 


This edition was confirmed in December 2013, and will be updated whenever next issues are available. 

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