Project 25 Technology Interest Group Releases New P25 System List Including Australia, Canada and UK P25 Systems

The Project 25 Technology Interest Group (PTIG) has released an updated version of their Project 25 Systems list covering all of the known P25 Systems in the USA, US Territories, Australia, Canada, and the UK. The format of the list has been improved to include both P25 Phase 1 and P25 Phase 2 systems on the same list. Now all P25 systems for a state or country can be viewed on a single document.

This new list identifies 592 P25 Phase 1 and 119 P25 Phase 2 systems in the USA for a total of 711 P25 systems in the USA. The new entry for Australia, Canada and the UK includes 36 P25 Phase 1 systems and 8 P25 Phase 2 systems for a total of 42 P25 Systems.  Since the last release, a number of P25 Phase 1 systems have upgraded to P25 Phase 2. In total, 17% of the P25 systems are currently Phase 2. In the USA, the state with the most P25 systems is Texas with 70 systems. Next is California with 51, Florida with 50, Georgia with 42 and rounding out the top 5, is Pennsylvania with 29 P25 systems.

A new column has been added to include the primary user group for the system (Public Safety, DoD, Federal Agency, Federal Prisons, Airport, Hospital, University, Refinery, etc.) The far and away leading P25 system type is Public Safety with 430 systems. Next is DOD with 127 known systems and Federal Agencies with 73 systems. There are 40 Federal Prison P25 systems.

Research continues to add additional International P25 Systems to the data base. Anyone having information to update the list including additions or corrections is urged to contact Steve Nichols director of the Project25 Technology interest Group. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The next update is planned for late in the First Quarter of 2016

The list is available using the link below

P25 Systems List November REV 01