Question: Is Project 25 “Public Safety Grade”?


The Answer: Yes!!


In simple terms, Public Safety Grade (PSG) equipment, systems or networks are those that provide the communication capabilities required by the operators and users of the equipment with availability and reliability exceeding that typically provided by commercial communication equipment, systems and networks. Project 25 in many ways establishes the foundation for implementing Public Safety Grade systems and equipment, and therefore we can say YES to the question “Is Project 25 Public Safety Grade?” The full discussion in this document provides comprehensive support for that answer.  




In response to the release of the National Public Safety Telecommunications Council paper titled:
Defining Public Safety Grade Systems and Facilities”, The Project 25 Technology Interest Group (PTIG) was approached with questions such as:

“Is Project 25 Public Safety Grade?” and

“What does “Public Safety Grade” mean in 100 words or less?”

The resulting discussions among the manufacturers, technologists and Public Safety Communication Agency user representatives within the Project 25 Technology Interest Group revealed that coming up with a single and concise answer, that everyone will accept, is a difficult task. As an aid to these types of discussions, this whitepaper highlights aspects of the Project 25 suite of standards that contribute to creating Public Safety Grade communications equipment, systems and networks.

By defining “Public Safety” as; the collection of Federal, State, Local and Tribal agencies tasked with keeping the public safe, it becomes apparent that the communication needs of these people are diverse and can be unique from the communication needs of the general public. In fact, depending on the respective missions and operating environments, the communication needs of one Public Safety agency can be quite different than the needs of another Public Safety agency.


A link to open the Full Whitepaper is below:


PTIG Whitepaper: Is Project 25 Public Safety Grade?