The Project 25 Technology Interest Group (PTIG) has published a REV03 June 2016 update to its list of known P25 Systems in the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK.  The significant change to this update is the addition of a new list of P25 Conventional systems.  The P25 Conventional Systems total is 1299 systems; a surprising number as it is significantly more than the previously published P25 Trunking System list.  The P25 Trunking System list has grown from 711 systems last November to 842 systems today.  If we include the updated trunked system list total and the new conventional systems total the grand total is 2141 Project 25 systems from both lists combined. 

The complete lists can be viewed and downloaded using the links below.

P25 Conventional Systems List June 2016

P25 Trunking Systems List June 2016


Both P25 systems lists are organized by state, and territory.  The Information for each system includes: System name, System user type (Federal, Tribal, Public Safety, Utility, Campus Police etc.), and Frequency band.  P25 Trunking systems are identified as P25 Phase1 or P25 Phase 2.  P25 Conventional systems are identified as digital only or mixed mode analog and digital. 

The new P25 Conventional list presented a challenge because definition of what represented a single stand-alone P25 system vs. a shared combined P25 system was required.  The methodology used for this definition is included in the P25 Conventional System list.

When the Frequency bands in use are compared, VHF dominates the P25 Conventional System list while 800MHz and UHF dominate the P25 Trunking System list.

 pie1  Pie 2

The User category breakdown is similar between the P25 Conventional System list and the P25 Trunking System list.  The Public Safety category dominates both P25 System types followed by Federal Agencies and Military systems.  Military P25 systems make up 4% of P25 Conventional Systems but a significantly larger 16% of all P25 Trunking Systems.  Schools and Universities rate a category in the P25 conventional list with a 2% portion.  Utilities (3%), Airports/Transportation (3%) and Industrial (2%) rate categories in the P25 Trunking list.

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