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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Project 25 Technology Information Group

LocusUSA, Releases its Latest White Paper on the Importance of Annual Maintenance for P25 Radio Systems


The Importance of LMR Sustainment and Continued Support for P25 Public Safety Radio systems cannot be understated. With over 2300 Project 25 Systems on the air, it is clear, that the majority of the public safety community agrees that P25 is the best choice for Public Safety Grade emergency communications interoperability. P25 is the recommended technology of choice for MCPTT Voice interoperability in the SAFECOM Grant Guidance and the DHS NECP.

The Project 25 Technology Interest Group (PTIG) is pleased to share information on innovative solutions for the testing and maintenance of Project 25 technology, subscriber equipment, and systems from our member companies.


LocusUSA, a leader in radio frequency capture for radio analysis and location, has announced the release of its latest white paper entitled, Assessing the Effects of Radio Failure in High-Risk Incidents: A Guide for Public Safety Agencies.

Visit LocusUSA’s website to download the white paper:

"We have taken an innovative approach to illustrate in this white paper the importance of why an agency needs to provide maintenance annually for their radio fleet," said Joseph Rey, manager partner of LocusUSA. "No matter the situation, clear and reliable communication will always be a non-negotiable necessity."

LocusUSA offers innovative solutions for long-range, over-the-air radio monitoring in P25 Radio Systems. Their over-the-air waveform analyzer acts as an ever-present monitoring tool that continuously assesses the health and operability of all subscribers on a system. The solution works by capturing and measuring a radios waveform in real-time while units stay deployed in the field. System users simply key up their radios for measurement, and from there, the solution analyzes the equipment to ensure optimal frequency performance 24/ hours a day, 7 days a week, without user intervention.

The analyzer also generates and sends reports to system managers so they can prioritize maintenance schedules based on subscriber performance.

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