The Project 25 Technology Interest Group (PTIG) publishes an updated list of P25 Conventional Systems.

The P25 Conventional Systems List was last published in 2017 with 1,334 Systems. The new March 2020 list shows a significant 35% increase with 482 new systems identified for a total of 1,816 P25 Conventional Systems. When this total is added to PTIG’s separate list of 1,017 P25 Trunking Systems, the grand total for P25 Conventional and Trunked stands at 2,833 known P25 Systems.

The new Conventional list is organized by State and Territory and each system is Identified with a System Name. The frequency band is included and systems are divided into purely P25 digital or “Mixed mode” P25 digital and analog systems. In addition, the type of user or agency is noted.

The Full list can be downloaded using the link below:

P25 Conventional System List March 2020


VHF dominates the frequency bands in use with 67% of the systems. UHF follows with 18% and VHF/UHF combination systems are 6%. 700/800 systems make up the remaining 8% of the total systems. Purely Digital systems are 60% of the total and Mixed Mode are the other 40%. This is a significant change from the 2017 list where Pure P25 digital and Mixed mode were split 50/50.

March 2020 Freq Band chart


The P25 User categories are led by Law Enforcement with 44% of the Systems. Then Public Safety, Fire, and EMS combine for 26% of the user categories. Federal and Military follow closely with 25% of the P25 Conventional Systems. Finally Universities, Municipal, Corrections make up the remaining 5% of the systems.

March 2020 REV 01 User type chart