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Thursday, December 9, 2021

Project 25 Technology Information Group

PTIG Announces New Statement of P25 User Needs (SPUN)


The Project 25 Technology Interest Group (PTIG) is pleased to share the new Statement of P25 User Needs (SPUN), developed by the Project 25 Steering Committee with support from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and participation from the TIA TR-8 Engineering Committee. This comprehensive document supersedes the earlier Project 25 Statement of Requirements (P25 SOR), last revised in December 2013.

The SPUN defines the current P25 systems model, system components, interfaces, services, capabilities, and features from a user-needs perspective. It also includes descriptions of P25 voice, data, security, location, and subscriber management services as well as interfaces, infrastructure, consoles, and subscriber units. A series of appendices list specific identified P25 user needs by capability and hardware type.

In its introduction, the SPUN states that it “provides land mobile radio (LMR) users with an overview of P25 Standards and a framework for identifying and defining their communications needs” and “high-level explanations of P25 system architecture, features, and functions.” It also offers “a framework for users to review, identity, and effectively communicate their needs to those involved in the standards-development process.”

In other words, the SPUN provides P25 practitioners with both a clearer understanding of P25 standards and systems and a means for assessing their agencies needs related to P25 and having those needs addressed by P25 standards developers.

While most P25 systems do not include all the services, features, and capabilities described in this document, and not all services, features, and capabilities listed in the user needs tables are addressed by current P25 Standards, the SPUN provides a much-needed update of the P25 SOR, a single source of essential information about P25, and a glimpse of the capabilities that may lie in P25’s future.

PTIG would also like to thank the members of the P25 Steering Committee support team from Booz Allen Hamilton, who were essential in the development of the SPUN.  

The full SPUN document can be found at link.


P25 Statement of P25 User Needs (SPUN)






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