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Thursday, December 9, 2021

Project 25 Technology Information Group

The Project 25 Consolidated Communications Network of Colorado (CCNC) proves to be a Game-Changer for multi-agency coordination as well as preserving life safety during the recent 2020 wildfires in the state.

By: Sheriff Justin Smith, Larimer County Colorado


PTIG Thanks Sheriff Smith for this excellent story and poictures depicting the use of Project 25 for Interopreability and multi-agency coordination during the 2020 wildfires in Colorado.  Please download the full story using the link below.


See the Full Article with Pictures from the Wildfires downloading the link below;


Colorado P25 CCNC Game Changer for Interoperability in 2020 Wildfires Dec 2020


Larimer County P25 interoperability During 2020 Wildfires

With shared talkgroup access between first responder agencies and several locally established mutual aid paths to facilitate regional shared communications, agencies across Larimer County have grown to depend on the communications made possible under the P25 standards.

However, beginning on August 13 of 2020, we tested the limits of the system and enjoyed the benefits of a statewide P25 system when we organized our response to the Cameron Peak Fire- a Rocky Mountain wildfire that over the following 3 months grew into Colorado’s largest single wildfire on record.

Once the response grew beyond county-based agencies, Larimer County requested and received permission to secure a regional mutual aid channel (MAC) under the CCNC system. Having access to that MAC assured that any first responder agency in the state who sent resources could immediately be in communications with local resources without having to issue cache radios or reprogram radios brought by those first responders.

That capability proved a game changer for coordination as well as preserving life safety throughout the fire.

Assisting resources from around the state were advised of the communications plan prior to arrival and we able to communicate with Larimer County agencies seamlessly.

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