Project 25 Technology Information Group

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Project 25 Technology Information Group

New P25 Trunking System List Released. 1183 P25 Trunking Systems Identified


A new P25 Trunking Systems List is now complete.  Thanks to the Author; Ken Brown.

Since the last System List was published in 2019 the number of Total P25 Trunking Systems is up from 1017 to 1183 (+ 16%)

Phase 1 Systems Up from 653 to 667
Phase 2 Systems Up from 364 to 516

There also was a Significant addition of P25 systems in Canada that were identified through additional research. There are now 65 Canadian P25 Systems identified in the new list.


The new list can be downloaded using the link below:

P25 Trunking Systems List November 2021

The previous P25 Conventional systems list from March 2021 showed a significant 35% increase with 482 new P25 Conventional systems identified for a total of 1,816 P25 Conventional Systems.

When this total is added to PTIG’s current November 2021 list of 1,183 P25 Trunking Systems……..
The grand total for P25 Conventional and Trunked Systems stands at 2,999 known P25 Systems.

These are from USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.


Trunking Freq Bands 2021

Trunhking Users 2021







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