The Project 25 Steering Committee recently released a New Representative Handbook Detailing the P25 Standards Process and Group Interaction Scheme for P25 participants. 


A Public version of the New P25 Steering Committee Handbook is now available.  A copy is available on the PTIG & CISA Websites using the links below

P25 Steering Committee Representative Handbook January 2022


  • This handbook Is an excellent resource for Steering Committee members and non-members alike who want to better understand the P25 Steering Committee responsibilities.
  • It offers a well-defined textbook on the P25 Standards development process and the various committees and working groups that develop the standards through TIA TR-8.
  • It clearly describes the roles that the Steering Committee, P25 User representatives, and P25 manufacturers play in the process.

P25 Steering Committee Representative Handbook Information of Interest:


  • Historical Background
  • Steering Committee Responsibilities
  • Steering Committee Membership Requirements, Voting, Executive Sessions
  • P25 Standards Development Process
  • P25 Standards participating group interaction scheme.
  • Joint SAFECOM/NCSWIC P25 User Needs Working Group (UNWG)
  • TIA TR-8 and various subcommittee list (TR 8.25 etc.)
  • TIA TR-8 Committee Membership, Voting, and Role in P25
  • P25 Standards Naming Scheme (TIA-102.BADA-A-1 etc.)
  • Current TIA and TSB Document List
  • TIA TR-8 and P25 Steering Committee Sessions Logistics

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