The Project 25 Technology Interest Group is pleased to publish our latest P25 Conventional Systems List

The full list can be downloaded using the link below

P25 Conventional Systems List October 2023

A New 2023 Edition of the P25 Conventional Systems list is now available.

Thanks to Ken Brown for his continued updates on this database

The P25 Conventional Systems List was last published in 2020 with 1,816 Systems
The new October 2023 list shows a significant 31% increase
571 New P25 Conventional systems identified
Total of 2,387 P25 Conventional Systems.

When this total is added to PTIG’s separate list of 1,218 P25 Trunking Systems…
Grand total for P25 Conventional and Trunked stands at 3,605 known P25 Systems.

Conv sys 2023Picture1

conv sys 2023 freq Picture2

conv sys 2023 User Picture3