The Project 25 Technology Interest Group is pleased to publish the full PTIG P25 panel PPT presentations from IWCE 2024

The full presentations can be accessed and downloaded using the link below:

The P25 IWCE panels were all well attended averaging 60-80 attendees.  The P25 Evolution panel had 155 attendees and was recognized as the highest attendance for any panel at this year's IWCE conference.  Interest in P25 Standards and Applications remains strong.

P25 Panel Summaries:

P25 Evolution: New Standards, Interoperability & Security for the Future
Current top priorities for the evolution of P25 from the P25 User Needs Working Group (UNWG) and the P25 Steering Committee Chair. Update for P25 Standards recently completed and new Standards in development including LMR interworking with LTE
Panel: Nichols, Downes, Davis, Elder, Wright

Users Present: Case Study Chameleons - Unique Scalable System Solutions.

Veteran P25 System Administrators and policy planners offerd a first-hand view of their experience with P25 technology. A description of their P25 Systems, architecture, and governance models was shared. A detailed look at individual best practices and lessons learned to maximize interoperability. Case Studies: State of Virginia STARS, Lake County Florida, FBI, New Zealand
Panel: Nichols, Decoste, Holcomb, Massie, Dylan Earle (Former New Zealand Police Officer)

P25 for Utilities: Your Swiss Army Knife for Incident Management Interoperability
A mature comms option traditionally limited to public safety, utilities may not realize that Project 25 offers a number of standardized over the air and wireline interfaces. P25 can facilitate multi-agency communications at natural disasters, provide man-down emergency calls, and flexible enough to include request-to-talk (RTT) callback.
Panel: Nichols, Holthaus, Rohrbacher
Featuring Utility Incident Comms and P25 sharing in Nebraska and New Mexico

New Technologies for Project 25 Testing and Compliance
P25 Testing Technology has kept pace with the evolution of P25 Standards over the last 32 years; offering a broad array of new testing products, services, labs, and compliance assessment programs. These solutions are currently available to help First Responders assure the reliability of their Mission Critical Communications systems. 
Panel: Nichols, Giggetts, Latimer, Root, D. Adams, M. Schafer

Panel was included in the “In building” Track at the conference.