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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Project 25 Technology Information Group

Project 25 Testing: Products, Services, and Solutions


The Project 25 Technology Interest Group (PTIG) is proud to provide a comprehensive overview of the Project 25 testing products and services available from PTIG members. Thanks to Cheryl Giggetts and Jeremiah Knowles of CTA Consulting, the authors of this new whitepaper.

We have witnessed over 25 years of Project 25 Standards Evolution and P25 Product Technology Improvements in the 2800+ P25 Systems on the air today. Project 25 Technology is now well established as a primary communications solution for Government Agencies, Public Safety, and Critical Infrastructure.

The Testing of Project 25 Equipment and Networks has advanced along with the evolution of P25. Significant improvements in P25 product and network technology testing are now available to help users in the procurement, application, and maintenance of their P25 Systems.

A full range of P25 testing hardware and software products as well as laboratory services are described in the whitepaper. These resources form a rich fabric of support to help P25 users develop and operate their Mission Critical Communications Systems.

Topics Included in the Whitepaper Include:


  • Definition: What is P25 Compliance?
  • Project 25 Compliance Assessment Program (P25 CAP)
  • P25 Network Interface Test Solutions and Software
  • P25 Test Equipment
  • P25 Diagnostic and Coverage Test Solutions
  • Over-the Air Radio Diagnostics
  • In-Building Coverage Testing
  • Outdoor Coverage Testing
  • P25 Consultant Support for System Testing and Maintenance
  • Conclusion
  • Resources and Contacts

A copy of the complete whitepaper can be down-loaded using the link below.


Project 25 Testing- Products, Services, and Solutions 



The Project 25 Technology Interest Group (PTIG) publishes an updated list of P25 Conventional Systems.

The P25 Conventional Systems List was last published in 2017 with 1,334 Systems. The new March 2020 list shows a significant 35% increase with 482 new systems identified for a total of 1,816 P25 Conventional Systems. When this total is added to PTIG’s separate list of 1,017 P25 Trunking Systems, the grand total for P25 Conventional and Trunked stands at 2,833 known P25 Systems.

The new Conventional list is organized by State and Territory and each system is Identified with a System Name. The frequency band is included and systems are divided into purely P25 digital or “Mixed mode” P25 digital and analog systems. In addition, the type of user or agency is noted.

The Full list can be downloaded using the link below:

P25 Conventional System List March 2020


VHF dominates the frequency bands in use with 67% of the systems. UHF follows with 18% and VHF/UHF combination systems are 6%. 700/800 systems make up the remaining 8% of the total systems. Purely Digital systems are 60% of the total and Mixed Mode are the other 40%. This is a significant change from the 2017 list where Pure P25 digital and Mixed mode were split 50/50.

March 2020 Freq Band chart


The P25 User categories are led by Law Enforcement with 44% of the Systems. Then Public Safety, Fire, and EMS combine for 26% of the user categories. Federal and Military follow closely with 25% of the P25 Conventional Systems. Finally Universities, Municipal, Corrections make up the remaining 5% of the systems.

March 2020 REV 01 User type chart

Project 25 Technology Interest Group (PTIG) Welcomes

Freedom, an Astronics Company, as a new Corporate Member.

The Project 25 Technology Interest Group is pleased to welcome Freedom, an Astronics Company, as a new PTIG corporate member.



ATS Freedom hires

Freedom, an Astronics Company Profile

In July of 2019, Freedom Communication Technologies, a leading provider of radio test solutions for the public safety and commercial Land Mobile Radio (LMR) market, announced that it joined Astronics Corporation as a part of its Test Systems division. Astronics Corporation (Nasdaq: ATRO) serves the world’s aerospace, defense, and other mission critical industries with proven, innovative technology solutions.

Ricardo Viloria, Freedom President and Chief Executive Officer said upon announcing the acquisition, “We are thrilled to join the Astronics team. Their extensive technology base, deep presence in the defense and aerospace markets, and dynamic corporate culture make them a perfect fit for Freedom. We’re very proud of the leading market position we have built, and as part of Astronics we know we will make even greater strides in the years ahead.”

Freedom P25 Product Solutions

Freedom R8100 and R8000 Communications System Analyzers perform comprehensive signal quality analysis for both P25 Phase 1 and Phase 2 radios. The Freedom R8100 and R8000 are capable of a variety of P25-specific measurements, including Symbol Deviation, Symbol Rate Error, and Bit Error Rate. The P25 option also performs real-time decoding of voice frames and in P25 Trunking mode, displays Network Identifiers, Header Words, and Link Control information.

Freedom analyzers generate and receive every test pattern and modulation type called out in the P25 standard. Multiple graphical displays are available including Eye Diagram, Distribution Plot, Constellation, and Power Profile. Recovered audio can be heard with the vocoder option.


Freedom, an Astronics Company, Primary Contact:

Name: Ed Mick

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Phone: 903-985-8238

Company WEB site: &


Freedom 8000C Picture

The Project 25 Technology Interest Group (PTIG) publishes a New Whitepaper:

P25 Sharing = Cost Savings and Improved Interoperability

By: Dominick Arcuri, PE, PMP, ENP, SMC: Televate, LLC


The growth of Statewide and Region-wide P25 LMR networks has presented a new value proposition for many counties and municipal agencies. It is now often more cost effective to join the larger P25 Standards based system than to procure/support/maintain or upgrade an existing legacy radio solution. Potential cost saving opportunities include:

  • Sharing of infrastructure equipment (capital and recurring cost savings) Sharing of services (site/network connectivity, equipment provisioning, support services, encryption)
  • Bulk purchasing advantages, and
  • Competitive equipment purchases.

In addition to these benefits, adoption of P25 can also result in significant cost savings to an agency or to a group of regional partners. The P25 architecture offers a wide variety of ways and system levels to implement the technology as it is capable of scaling from simple single-site systems to large statewide and province-wide networks

Many agencies also receive significant operational benefits from shared P25 System use. Previous stand-alone systems are now directly linked to larger systems offering region-wide and state-wide radio coverage and roaming. The shared talkgroups used for shared system access now permit superior mutual aid for multiple agencies in response to natural disasters and large planned events.


The full Whitepaper can be downloaded using the link below:


 P25 Sharing Equals Cost Savings Whitepaper




Project 25 Standards Update: New Orleans Meetings February 4-6 2020

Andy Davis, Chairman, TIA TR-8 Committee

This document highlights TR-8 accomplishments and work in progress for 2020. The document will be updated after every TR-8 face to face meeting occurring in 2020. The filename reflects the date of the latest update. After the first 2020 version, each update will use blue font to indicate the updates.


The full report can be downloaded using the link below:

P25 Standards Update TIA TR-8 New Orleans Feb 2020





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