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L3Harris Merger News

Jul 1, 2019

L3Harris Technologies (NYSE:LHX) today announced the successful completion of the all-stock merger between Harris Corporation and L3 Technologies on June 29, 2019. Headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, L3Harris is the sixth largest defense company in the U.S., and a top 10 defense company worldwide – with approximately $17 billion in revenue and 50,000 employees, including 20,000 engineers and scientists.

Shares of Harris common stock, which traded on the NYSE under the ticker symbol “HRS”, will begin trading today under the ticker symbol “LHX”. L3 Technologies (NYSE:LLL) shares ceased trading upon market close on June 28 and have converted into 1.3 L3Harris shares for each L3 share.

Transforms company – strengthens financial position/makes more competitive within industry

  • ~$17B revenue; 50k employees/20K engineers; customers in [130] countries
  • Scale/resources to deliver what customers want – affordable innovation that can be delivered fast


Structure and Leadership
L3Harris has organized its operating businesses into four segments to best meet customers’ mission requirements and leverage the combined company’s broad technical capabilities:

  • Integrated Mission Systems — led by Sean Stackley, headquartered in Palm Bay, Florida, with approximately $4.9 billion in revenue. Includes intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance; advanced electro optical and infrared solutions; and maritime power and navigation
  • Space and Airborne Systems — led by Ed Zoiss, headquartered in Palm Bay, Florida, with approximately $4.0 billion in revenue. Includes space payloads, sensors and full-mission solutions; classified intelligence and cyber defense; avionics; and electronic warfare
  • Communication Systems — led by Dana Mehnert, headquartered in Rochester, New York, with approximately $3.8 billion in revenue. Includes tactical communications; broadband communications; night vision; and public safety
  • Aviation Systems — led by Todd Gautier, headquartered in Arlington, Texas, with approximately $3.8 billion in revenue. Includes defense aviation products; security, detection and other commercial aviation products; air traffic management; and commercial and military pilot training

“Our seasoned segment leaders and mission-focused operating structure will enable us to leverage our broad range of capabilities and complementary technologies to deliver advanced solutions and capture opportunities across multiple domains,” said Christopher E. Kubasik – Vice Chairman, President and COO, L3Harris

About L3Harris Technologies
L3Harris Technologies is an agile global aerospace and defense technology innovator, delivering end-to-end solutions that meet customers’ mission-critical needs. The company provides advanced defense and commercial technologies across air, land, sea, space and cyber domains. L3Harris has approximately $17 billion in annual revenue and 50,000 employees, with customers in 130 countries.

Link to News Release:

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Public Relations


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LocusUSA, Releases its Latest White Paper on the Importance of Annual Maintenance for P25 Radio Systems


The Importance of LMR Sustainment and Continued Support for P25 Public Safety Radio systems cannot be understated. With over 2300 Project 25 Systems on the air, it is clear, that the majority of the public safety community agrees that P25 is the best choice for Public Safety Grade emergency communications interoperability. P25 is the recommended technology of choice for MCPTT Voice interoperability in the SAFECOM Grant Guidance and the DHS NECP.

The Project 25 Technology Interest Group (PTIG) is pleased to share information on innovative solutions for the testing and maintenance of Project 25 technology, subscriber equipment, and systems from our member companies.


LocusUSA, a leader in radio frequency capture for radio analysis and location, has announced the release of its latest white paper entitled, Assessing the Effects of Radio Failure in High-Risk Incidents: A Guide for Public Safety Agencies.

Visit LocusUSA’s website to download the white paper:

"We have taken an innovative approach to illustrate in this white paper the importance of why an agency needs to provide maintenance annually for their radio fleet," said Joseph Rey, manager partner of LocusUSA. "No matter the situation, clear and reliable communication will always be a non-negotiable necessity."

LocusUSA offers innovative solutions for long-range, over-the-air radio monitoring in P25 Radio Systems. Their over-the-air waveform analyzer acts as an ever-present monitoring tool that continuously assesses the health and operability of all subscribers on a system. The solution works by capturing and measuring a radios waveform in real-time while units stay deployed in the field. System users simply key up their radios for measurement, and from there, the solution analyzes the equipment to ensure optimal frequency performance 24/ hours a day, 7 days a week, without user intervention.

The analyzer also generates and sends reports to system managers so they can prioritize maintenance schedules based on subscriber performance.

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Meet PTIG at APCO 2019 in Baltimore Maryland

Visit our PTIG Booth # 1419

  • Ask the experts about P25 Operation and Capabilities in your System
  • See the latest P25 Products and Information
  • Meet P25 Consultants, System Managers and Engineers
  • Learn about the Latest New P25 Products and Services from: Intertalk, Compliance Testing, PCTEL, Harris, ICOM, Catalyst, Telex, JVC Kenwood, Unications, Codan, Futurecom, Locus, Valid8, Avtec, Etherstack

Attend the PTIG P25 Panel

"Project 25 for the Future: What’s New Today and What’s Coming Next " 60-minute session. 

Session Date: 8/11/2019 (Sunday)
Session Time: 1:30 PM 
Session Location: 343-344 
Moderator: Stephen Nichols


Andy Davis: P25 Standards update, P25/LTE Interworking Update

Jeremy Elder: Encryption Update including LLE Link Layer Encryption

Jim Downes: ISSI/CSSI Interoperability and P25 Testing update


  • Learn about the Interworking of P25 LMR and LTE technology
  • Learn about New P25 Interoperability possible through the Inter Sub System Interface (ISSI) and Console Sub System Interface (CSSI)
  • Learn about the New P25 Link Layer Encryption and how it can protect the identity of your P25 radio users.
  • Learn what is New in the P25 Standards and How it will affect your existing system.


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P25 Sharing = Cost Savings for Stonington CT.

Stonington CT. Police are the Latest P25 Sharing=Cost Savings Success story. Full details were recently published in an article in “The Day” newspaper by Lindsay Boyle.

A link to this article is below.


In their agreement with the State Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, Stonington spent $1.3 million to build a communications tower and purchase P25 radios. It is estimated that their Cost savings over having to build a stand-alone system was $3.1 million.

In addition to the cost savings, several improvements to the agency’s communications were realized. They now have coverage in a historic local dead spot with their new tower and they have interoperability with the Connecticut State Police and other municipal P25 systems for mutual aid using towers across the State. The interoperability for any state agency, as well as their neighbors improved tremendously.  Example: they – for the first time ever – shared a talkgroup and were able to communicate directly with their neighboring community.


Groton CT recently joined the Connecticut statewide system and Norwich is planning to join soon giving improved communications through P25 interoperability in the region. Many other municipalities — including ones in Rhode Island and New York are considering signing on.   The State of Connecticut is working on interoperability with communities in RI and a P25 System to System ISSI connection with the Metropolitan Transit Authority in NY (MTA has subscriber units already using the system)

PTIG Publishes Updated P25 Trunking Systems List May 2019

The Project 25 Technology Interest Group (PTIG) has published an updated P25 Trunking Systems List. There are currently 1017 P25 Trunking Systems identified for inclusion on the list. The list covers known systems in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. The list is organized by State and Nation. Thanks to Ken Brown for his research efforts to update this list.  Please send any additions/corrections to Steve Nichols This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The full list can be downloaded using the link below:

P25 Trunking Systems List May 2019


There were 194 New P25 Trunking Systems Identified since the list was last published in 2017. Other major trends include a strong migration from P25 Phase 1 to P25 Phase 2 Systems. P25 Phase 1 Systems are down from 728 systems to 652 Systems while Phase 2 systems are up from 188 to 364 known systems. In addition, 93 P25 Systems have been merged or consolidated into larger Regional or State-wide P25 systems and are no longer listed as stand-alone systems. The net total with consolidations removed is up 101 systems from the 2017 list.

P25 Conventional Systems are found on a separate list on the PTIG website. There are 1334 Conventional Systems on that list. The grand total of P25 Systems both Conventional and Trunking is 2351.

P25 trunking List Changes 2017 2019

The P25 Trunking System List Includes System Name, P25 Phase 1 or P25 Phase 2, Primary User designation, Statewide System Designation, and the Frequency Band in use.

Public Safety remains the primary user type with DoD and Federal Agencies being the other primary user Groups. Additional P25 systems were recognized for Public Works, Utilities, Corrections (non Federal), Business, Airport/Transportation, and Universities. There are 37 Statewide P25 Trunking Systems recognized.

P25 Trunking User Type Chart

Frequency Bands in use remain dominated by 800 MHz, 700 MHz and UHF LO (380-420 MHz).

P25 Trunking Systems Frequency Bands





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