The Project 25 Technology Interest Group is pleased to publish links to three new P25 Videos: 

  • “Funding and the Future of P25”
  • “Basics of P25”
  • “Encryption in 3 Minutes”

The Videos are from the P25 Steering Committee produced by DHS CISA, P25 Support Team

The Funding and the Future of P25 Video can be accessed using the link below:

Or from the DHS CISA Website

The Basics of P25 Video can be accessed using the link below:

Or from the DHS CISA Website

The Encryption in Three Minutes Video can be accessed using the link below:

Or from the DHS CISA Website

CISA Video: “Funding and the Future of P25”

This exciting new video features a diverse group of experienced Project 25 System Directors sharing their first-hand views of Project 25 and the benefits that it offers to their agencies and the public. It reinforces the need for continued funding for Project 25 technology and Systems and the value it offers.

Key Messages from the Video:

  • Project 25 is a great value for Public Safety.
  • A Multi-vendor market drives competition.
  • P25 Sharing = Cost Savings for participating agencies.
  • Grant Funding is available.
  • P25 LMR is here to stay for the foreseeable future.
  • P25 works when the network is down. Direct mode is important to public safety.
  • P25 “One to Many” PTT communications are essential to Users.

Agencies need to continue to prioritize funding and development for P25 technology

CISA Video: Basics of P25

By: Jim Downes, P25 Steering Committee Chairman

One only has to talk with public safety personnel who routinely use P25 to get a real sense of its value to communities nationwide. A new five-and-a-half minute CISA video—” Basics of P25”—does just that. Through interviews with responders, communications managers and engineers, emergency operations managers, and Statewide Interoperability Coordinators (SWICs) from across the Nation, the video covers:

  • P25’s role in public safety
  • Its value in both daily operations and emergencies involving mutual aid partners and outside agencies
  • Its advantages for enhancing personnel safety and operational efficiency
  • Cost savings it offers communities, and
  • Practical recommendations for planning and implementing a P25 radio system.

For agencies considering a P25 system, the video offers a clear, practical overview of the technology’s ever-increasing role in law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical organizations and a foundation for exploring P25 in greater detail through CISA’s and SAFECOM’s library of P25 documents.

CISA Video: Encryption in Three Minutes

Drawn from interviews with emergency communications practitioners nationwide, “Encryption in Three Minutes” presents an overview of LMR and P25 encryption in public safety operations. The video outlines encryption’s role in protecting sensitive tactical and operational communications as well as the personal identifiable information and medical status of civilian patients during emergencies. Discussion focuses on implementing a practical, reliable encryption system while preserving interoperability with mutual aid partners and outside agencies. Special attention is given to selecting the most secure encryption algorithm. It is an ideal brief overview of LMR encryption aimed at community leaders and public safety administrators, officials, and responders.