The mission of PTIG, and the advancement of Project 25 technology and standards, is being contributed to by many.

Standards Publication under TIA:
The P25 Standards completed and published to date and the continuing work for additional standards, are a key contribution to the PTIG Mission.  The Project 25 Steering Committee, along with TIA member companies, and many technical advisory working groups, are proceeding to define and publish industry standards certified under TIA guidelines and procedures.

The Project 25 Steering Committee includes membership from APCO International, APCO Australasia, National Association of State Technology Directors, NTIA, DHS, and representatives from several federal, state, and local government authorities.

The TIA member company technologists all contribute significantly to the definition and creation and refinement of the many published standards.  Many of the TIA member companies are also contributing as Commercial Members of PTIG.

Individual PTIG Member Contributions:
PTIG individual members from industry serve us at seminars, trade shows, information development  of Project 25 standards, and equipment demonstrations.  PTIG individual members as users also provide a  direct to the TIA P25 User Needs Sub-Committee.  This is one of the most significant entry points into the Project 25 standardization process that is readily accessible to users.

Commercial Member Contributors:
The Project 25 Technology Interest Group wishes to acknowledge and thank our Commercial Member Organizations for their generous support of our organization.  Through the financial support of only these few organizations, PTIG is able to continue our mission on behalf of the many public safety and government jurisdictions served.  You will find a full listing of the commercial member organizations under the home page tab titled Products and Services.